Take it bitch... TAKE IT!

The silence inside deafens me.

Photo ©2007 Michael Gorman


"I'd ask you to kill me if I weren't already dead."




Composition and Sound recording ©2007

Unsure about your purpose in life? Trying to figure out where you fit in?

Why waste time with unanswerable questions smart people haven't been able

to figure out for centuries? Who are you? Are you anybody? No. Of course not.

Why bother being depressed about it when you can be BLISSFULLY INERT?


Jane (Pictured above):

"I thought he loved me... I really did... but when I found out he was

sleeping with someone else what could I do? I mean, he was my boss.

If I quit how would I be able to get a BMW by the time I'm 45?

So I took LEGAL DRUGS to murder the voice inside. Now I hear nothing..

and the silence is deafenning!

I'm not sure if I'm "happier" but goddamn it I'm going to get that BMW!"


So don't let real life get in the way of your long term goals and ambitions

to buy the things you always pictured yourself having. Remember... if you

start to hear a little voice nagging away at you JUST KILL IT with

LEGAL DRUGS! Legal Drugs and you ... Only one will be left standing! (Smart money

on the drugs.)


Side Effects

The ingenious nature of Legal Drugs and their identity erradication formulas

means you'll never suffer *any* side effects... since, technically speaking,

there won't be any YOU left. But don't worry! That husk of your's

will still look GREAT! And you'll STILL be able to fit it inside a BMW!



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