14K Gold Diamond


This is not


being alone.

14K Gold Diamond.


1. Dining Car

2. Kind

3. Dreams

4. Clue

5. That's Fine*

6. Public Yo Yo**

7. Tempin' in Tokyo

8. oh eve

9. All I Ever Dream***

10. Stomping Ground***

11. Ben's shins***

12. Analyze***


* Drums on "That's Fine" performed by Jante Jones

** A mash up of a James Brown groove sampled by PE and "Appalachia Waltz" performed by Yo Yo Ma

***These four tracks Composed / Improvised and Performed by:

Ben Moran - Bass + Manny Grossman - Drums + Osonics - Guitars, Lyrics, Vocals

Compositions and (Original) Sound recordings ©1998



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All music written, recorded, performed & mixed by Osonics except where otherwise noted.

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